About A&S Installation Services

Who we are

A&S Installation Services was established in 2015 and since has grown to be one of the top material handling installers in the industry. President, Josh Allender, and Vice President, Alex Smith, first started this company with the goal of not only providing quality work, but quality service as well. Since then we have been able to create a family internally, as well as with our customers. We take pride in knowing that each customer that we work alongside is 100% satisfied with the completed work. With over 38 years of experience combined in the material handling industry, there is nothing that they cannot do! After the first year of business, we staffed over 40 employees. Today that number exceeds over 100 fully trained professionals that work nationwide.

WhY A&S INstallation?

Among the many capabilities that we have, we are also able to provide custom built solutions to  meet your specific needs.

All A&S employees hold an up to date forklift and scissor lift operator certification. A&S employees are also OSHA trained and certified to ensure proper safety on al job sites.

At A&S, we believe in investing in today’s youth. Partnering with local schools allows us to help educate the upcoming workforce. We host various educational events in which we focus on teaching innovation and creativity through visual representations and hands onlearning.

A&S is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship work